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Adirondack Chairs: Comfort Recliners - Sale and free shipping this month!

The Adirondack Chair Comfort Recliner from the Original Bear Chair Collection is the Rolls Royce of the Adirondack Chairs. The back of the chair can recline in three positions: upright / relax / completely stretched out. You can also fold the chair completely flat for easy winter storage. Like the rest of the collection they are made from weather-resistant Red Cedar: light, durable, and with a beautiful scent of essential cedar oils. Clearly the best chair, simply the best wood. If you want quality, no need to look further! 

Our advice: Let us pre-assemble your Original Bear Chairs for you. You just need to put the big parts together in 10 min. and you get a 15-Year-Warranty. Call us with your questions? With us you will speak with the boss and not to a call-center:  Email markus.philipp@ontaria.de ~ Telefon +49 611 360-6260 ~ / Whatsapp /Pico+49 160 977-25149. 

Current  Special Offers✔ 15-Year Warranty for assembled chairs✔  Payment after delivery✔