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Barrel Sauna Info

Welcome to the European Store for Canadian Cedar Barrel Saunas

Canadian Cedar Barrel SaunaOur Canadian Barrel Saunas are made from 4 cm thick Clear Western Red Cedar by 
Dundalk Leisurecraft in Ontario. All hardware is marine-grade aluminum and stainless steel.

Ceadar is plainly the best wood for any outdoor sauna. It is weather-resistant without treatment for decades, a light-weight but strong as oak, straight-grained and warpfree. Instead of sticky resin it has essential oils which give it a beautidul scent and keep bugs, moss and lichen at bay.

 Our standard saunas come in 2 different diameters and three sizes but we can basically build any size for you. You can order them with wood, electric or infrared heaters. And there is a large number of options in windows, bench configurations, changerooms, verandas and so on. Check it all out in the store. 

The sauna kit comes with easy-to-follw illustrated instructions and it is quickly assembled on a weekend by two people with basic tools. Each sauna is produced and shipped individually for you within 8-10 weeks. For all questions regarding the sauna, shipping times and assembly please contact us at markus.philipp@ontaria.de or at +49 (0)611 360-6260